#uptown, #heartbeat series

#uptown, A Prime Time Media ©️

Hello, this is “Uptown”, a multifaceted artwork by me aka Bilal Giolat aka BGPRIMETIME aka DJPRIME Official

A Prime Time Media ©️

A Time + Space conjunction by me aka BGPRIMETIME

The artwork featured is protected by International laws

©️ Bilal Giolat, Tous droits réservés

Paris, November 3rd 2022

#Uptown, the Sound Design, has been published on Soundcloud under my alias DJPRIME Official

All rights reserved

As life goes by (…)

Hello, I hope you will enjoy this artwork https://photoken.fr is all about

(c) Bilal Giolat, october 7th 2022


The city, as a way of expressing a lifestyle